The investigation Committee stated the need for “a considerable time” on the completion of examinations of the “Ekaterinburg remains”

Moscow. 27 Nov. INTERFAX – Examination of the “Yekaterinburg remains” have not yet finished and will require significant time, said senior investigator of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Marina Molodtsova.

“The production expertise is not finished. There are only intermediate results on some issues,” she said at a scientific conference, devoted to the study of the “Yekaterinburg remains” in Moscow.

M. Molodtsov said that in total are 34 scientific expertise.

According to the investigator, not completed molecular-genetic examination bodies. in addition, was assigned the molecular-genetic examination of soil to determine the probability of burning bodies, this examination is also completed.

The investigator told about the research of jewelry, including quartz beads: they have the effect of clippers and GSW. Expert on all versions of Yurovsky’s notes, since there are doubts about the authorship of these notes.

“The examination requires significant time,” said M. Molodtsova.

Earlier on Monday the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill said that currently the official position of the Russian Orthodox Church on the question of the authenticity of the Imperial remains is not yet available.

The Patriarch noted that for many years the Church has rejected all offers to accept examinations conducted because of “the lack of transparency of the process” of investigation and “a complete unwillingness to engage in this process the Church.”

Later, the situation has changed, continued the Patriarch, Recalling that in conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he noted that the Church was included in the research process, and in particular the need to exhume the body of Alexander III, father of Nicholas II, in order to carry out the necessary genetic expertise.”

“As a result of new investigations carried out again according to all rules of conducting investigation of the case, we got some results,” the Patriarch said, calling on conference participants to ask any questions to the invited experts.