PrivatBank filed a lawsuit against the company Kolomoisky 50 billion hryvnia

PrivatBank in September-November has been filed more than ten lawsuits to the companies linked with the former owners of the Bank. About it reports the edition Finbalance with reference to the court register.

We are talking about the following claims: to the company “Santech Master” for the recovery of 5.68 billion UAH, “the Triumph 15” in the amount of UAH 5.5 billion, the company “Brand trade” by 5.24 billion, the company “Biznesprom invest” by 5.16 billion, “Prom Garant Plus”by 5.16 billion, the company “Agrotrade” LTD in the amount of UAH 5.1 billion, the company “Chromium” RS 5 billion, “Denver oil” at UAH 4.6 bn company “Oud gastel group” in the amount of 4.14 billion, the company’s “dream company” by 3.85 billion UAH, “nion invest Grup” on 2,8 billion UAH, and also to the company “Arnad group” for the recovery of 738 million UAH.

These companies, according to the National anti-corruption Bureau, become debtors as a result of restructuring of the corporate portfolio in 2016. In the NAB reported that the company for which the ex-owners of PrivatBank has renewed the debts, most of them were created recently, did not have sufficient funds to service the loans and do not actually have any operations.

We will remind, Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov until July 1, had to submit their proposals for the restructuring of insider loans portfolio of PrivatBank. Nevertheless, the former owners have not fulfilled this obligation. According to the state, in the portfolio of PrivatBank amount of insider loans is 190 billion. And for the recapitalization of financial institutions Ministry of Finance spent (in the form of government bonds) is already 155 billion.

Ex-owners of PrivatBank insist that the related loans account for only 4% of the portfolio, or UAH 8 billion. In turn, the independent auditors of EY confirmed “bad quality” loan portfolio, “Private”, but to detect more than 10 billion UAH of loans to related parties were not able to.