Man accused of a malicious act after disgusting act

The 32-year-old has also used the feces to scrawl “fag” and other offensive words to the inside of the truck, after he was arrested on 21 November in Tahmoor in Macarthur Region, New South Wales.

The man was arrested by officers from Camden Local area Command who had been looking for him, after the visit to his house, where concerns have been raised for the safety of his girlfriend.

“When the police entered the house, they saw a number of cannabis plants growing in the back yard, a quantity of dried cannabis and a gun in the living room. The elements have been identified as belonging to the boyfriend of the woman”, a statement from the police said.

The 32-year-old was found walking along a Tahmoor street about 7pm. He was quickly arrested and placed in the back of the cage truck.

It was at this point the situation is very messy.

“He had defecated himself and used his hands to smear feces in his pants on the inside walls of the cage truck. He wrote “Fag” and offensive words with “I ate a curry you can choke on that” in feces,” police said.

The man was taken to Narellan Police station where he was cleaned and given a combination disposable wear.

Police allege he told them the marijuana and shotgun belonged to him — and also to spread the feces.

He has been accused of a malicious act, the cultivation of cannabis, possession of a firearm not registered and possession of cannabis.