Director of the Board of governors on issues of broadcasting commented on the law of the Russian Federation on international media

John Lansing: the definition of these measures as a response to the actions of the United States is a serious distortion of reality

The Executive Director of the American Board of governors on issues of broadcasting (BBG) made a statement about the law relating to the activities of foreign media in Russia. 25 Nov the law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“President Putin has signed the law according to which foreign media organizations can be classified as “foreign agents,” stated Lansing. Russian officials have indicated that, in accordance with this law, the information network of the BBG, including the Radio Liberty / Free Europe “Voice of America”, as well as their services, including television and digital channel “Real time”, may be imposed even greater restrictions.

“Radio Freedom, “Voice of America” and other international media remains committed to our mission that is committed by U.S. law, the implementation of accurate, objective and comprehensive journalistic lighting and provision of other content to our global audience, including in the Russian Federation”, – said the Director of the BBG.

Concerning the contents of the new Russian law which came into force after its signing by the RF President, John Lansing said: “We will not speculate on the possible consequences of the Russian measures for our journalistic activities.” However, he stressed, “any definition of these measures as a response to US actions would constitute a serious distortion of reality. Russian media companies, including RT and Sputnik, freely operate in the United States, their programs can be transmitted and cable television broadcasters and FM radio stations. However, the American media, including “Voice of America” and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, deprived Russia of access to television broadcasting and terrestrial radio frequencies”. The head of the BBG said that “our journalists performing professional tasks, are in Russia prosecuted and face significant limitations in their work.”

“Collaborated with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Nicholas Seeds convicted by a Russian court. Another freelance correspondent, Stanislav Aseev, held by Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. Journalists of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty were attacked and were beaten, while on a business trip in Krasnodar territory in March of this year, and the correspondent of “voice of America” Daniel Scherf was refused a visa,” said John Lansing.

“The Board of governors on issues of broadcasting would be happy if the current attention to retaliatory measures against Russian and American news organisations culminated in the provision of American mass media (including “Voice of America” and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) the same rights and opportunities in Russia, what is Russian broadcast network in the United States,” – reads the statement of John Lansing.