Tillerson rejected the application to reduce the morale in the state Department

The Secretary of state assured that his Agency is working “exceptionally well”, but critics disagree

WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did not agree with criticism that its “reorganization” of the State Department, which employs 70 thousand people, has led to a sharp decline in staff morale since the start of the administration of Donald trump.

At the meeting with the foreign Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdel Rahman al-Thani on Monday Tillerson said: “the Department of State works exceptionally well, and I will argue anyone who says that things are different. This is not true.”

However, at a press briefing on Friday us state Department spokesman Heather Nauert faced with a few questions on criticism of management style Tillerson.

“The problem of morale in this building exists,” she acknowledged.

“So I say, guys, hold on, she continued. – We have a lot of work. Please don’t give up. ; Don’t disbelieve in the building. ; Don’t disbelieve that America does. ; Don’t disbelieve in the importance of this work and career.”

These statements preceded by Tillerson criticism from leading us lawmakers. Republican Senator John McCain and democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen in his address to Tillerson noted that recent management decisions at the state Department, threaten to “undermine the health and effectiveness of American diplomacy in the long term.”

McCain and Shaheen urged Tillerson to lift the moratorium on recruitment.

At a recent hearing in the Senate on the approval of new appointees to work in the state Department, the Chairman of the international Affairs Committee, Bob Corker, who is usually an ally Tillerson, said: “I Hate to say it, but the state Department is not working particularly well. They are understaffed”.

A leading Democrat in the Committee Senator Ben Cardin went even further.

“If such a decapitation of the leadership took place in the Ministry of defence, I guarantee that Congress would meet it with hostility”, he said.

Tillerson criticized for the fact that it supports large budget cuts proposed by President Donald trump, which the Congress was reduced to 8 per cent reduction in the total number of employees worldwide.

But many former ambassadors and analysts say that a number of key positions at the ambassadorial level remain unoccupied, as well as some key post of assistant Secretary at the state Department in Washington.