The object, discovered by the US pilots were not missing Argentine submarine

Aircraft of the U.S. Navy participates in search of the submarine, communication with which is lost from 15 November

The object, discovered by US Navy aircraft in the area, where last time out missing Argentine submarine, was not the ship, said Thursday the official representative of the U.S. Embassy.

The object was spotted by the crew of the aircraft P-8A “Poseidon”, which takes part in a massive operation to find the missing submarine “San Juan”. The ship followed the route in the southern part of the Atlantic ocean with a crew of 44 people and last time out on November 15.

The aircraft returned to base in the Argentine city of Bahia Blanca on Wednesday evening, involved in the search along with dozens of Argentine and foreign vessels. There are growing concerns that the sub can end the supply of oxygen for up to seven days.

The Argentine authorities analyze unusual sounds, seen near the place where the German submarine production last time out.

On Wednesday evening the official representative of the Navy Enrique Balbi said that the results of the analysis of underwater sounds, mainly conducted in the USA revealed “acoustic anomaly” in the area of the incident on the morning of 15 November, at the same time, when the missing submarine. When Balbi was asked the question, could these sounds be the sounds of an explosion, he refused to comment and said that the authorities continue to investigate the nature of the recorded sounds.