The trial of Senator Menendez discontinued

The jury was unable to reach a unanimous opinion regarding the guilt of the legislator

Twelve jurors in the trial of the Senator from new Jersey Bob Menendez, whom Federal authorities accused of corruption, are unable to come to consensus and find him guilty.

“I understand that you are unable to agree, so further discussion would be useless, and I have no other alternative but to declare the cessation of the trial,” said judge William walls.

In the judicial system of the United States to the defendant in the Commission of a criminal offence was recognized by the jury of guilty, all 12 members of the jury must come to a consensus. In this case, he imposed a conviction. If all 12 jurors agree with the arguments of the prosecutors, the accused is justified.

In the case of the Menendez Federal prosecutors failed to convince the jury that the Senator from new Jersey has committed a crime, and the judge was forced to stop the trial, which has stalled.

According to investigators, Menendez received more than 600 thousand dollars in the form of political donations, stayed at the luxury room at the Park Hyatt in Paris, as well as free of charge flying on a private jet of his rich friend ophthalmologist Solomon Melgen.According to the prosecution, he did it in exchange for the services of a political nature.

As menéndez and Melgen deny all accusations, claiming that between them there are close friendships.