Strange noise: the Navy of Argentina said that can help in the search for submarine

MOSCOW, November 23 — RIA Novosti. In the naval forces of Argentina said that to help in the search for missing submarine “San Juan” can sonar anomaly spotted in the area of the missing vessel on November 15.

According to the representative of the Navy Enrique Balbi, to the place where he detected the noise, sent naval vessels to determine whether the sonar anomaly with the loss of the submarine.
How it all began

The submarine “San Juan” has ceased to leave on communication 15 Nov. She followed from the port of Ushuaia in the city of Mar del Plata. On Board were 44 people, and the supply of oxygen was designed for six days in offline mode.

Diesel-electric submarine was built in Germany, and in 1985 became part of the Navy of Argentina. The length of the submarine is 66 meters, and underwater speed of 25 knots.

The representative of the Navy Gabriel Galeazzi said that the crew of the submarine reported on 15 November about the accident.
A positive outcome is unlikely.

The life chances of the missing crew of the submarine runs out or may have run out, I’m sure the former black sea fleet commander Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov.

The Russian military believes that it is necessary to increase the search and rescue forces. However, the Admiral expressed doubt that the outcome of the operation can be positive, because the submarine for a long time could not detect.

“Primary search, apparently, was not quite accurate. Therefore, we cannot relax — we must look for, attracting all the forces that are necessary for the salvation of men. Breathing air into the boat still needs to stay. But what happened irreparable, I can say definitively. Too much time has passed. We say the overall life of the entire crew, they dried up or dry out”, — told RIA Novosti Komoedov.

In addition, the Admiral expressed concern that the “San Juan” could happen the worst thing, in his opinion, the fire. As said Komoedov, the reason for this outcome could be allocation of the batteries with formation of explosive mixtures.

“But it happened irreparable. Because if the boat is at a depth of 70 meters, at least someone from the crew could try to go through the torpedo tubes or escape hatches. The buoy would have left the emergency, which would be the signals about the location,” he said.

In addition, Admiral Vladimir Valuev noted the reliability of diesel-electric submarines of German manufacture.

“For all my life in the Baltic sea for 25 years never German submarines would not tolerate accidents, especially catastrophic,” he said.
International assistance

The incident with the Argentine submarine has not left indifferent the Russian leadership.

So, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin suggested to his colleague from Argentina Mauricio Macri to use the Russian Oceanographic ship for search and rescue operations.

In turn, the Argentine leader expressed the words of gratitude to Putin. The two leaders agreed to establish contact between the defense departments for rescue operations. According to the foreign Ministry of the country, Russia became the 13th country joining search works.

Assistance and said the us leader Donald trump.

“I had been ordered to help Argentina with the search and rescue mission in connection with the disappearance of their submarine 45 people on Board, not much time left. God be with them and with the people of Argentina the Lord,” wrote the American leader in his Twitter.
Proper search

Earlier, the Russian Admiral Vladimir Valuev has expressed the opinion about how to go the search for the missing submarine.

Military urged to continue primary search in the area where there could be an incident, by means of magnetic detectors on airplanes, and when weather conditions improve proceed to a visual inspection of the water surface from the aircraft. According to the Admiral when the weather is good, on the surface of the water, you will notice the oil stains that would indicate the point of flooding.

Also Valuev told how to find out the whereabouts of the vessel after primary searches.

“Specified roll and pitch (tilt Board and keel — ed.) of the submarine and determine how to assist it. Or using deep-sea camera, which is attached to the coaming-the site of the boat for removal to the surface personnel. Or, if the roll and pitch do not allow the device to dock to the submarine, to a depth of 100 meters, the divers can exit through the torpedo tubes or the emergency hatches,” said the Admiral.

In addition, Valuev noted that from a depth of over 100 meters you must actually raise the submarine using the emergency escape device, in particular, floating dock, courts-lifts and pontoons.