American trade is counting on the success of “Black Friday”

The state of the economy allows to hope that the trade volume on the day that marks the beginning of Christmas sales, will be released on record level

WASHINGTON – the Day After thanksgiving, which is celebrated on Thursday, in the United States begins the season of Christmas sales.

“Black Friday” as it is called, has become an important day for retailers, because some stores start sales means, in accounting terms, the transition from “red”, losing, period, “black”, profitable.

Given the improvement in the American economy, the trade probably counting on good news during the Christmas period.

According to experts, nearly 164 million Americans, approximately 70 percent of the population, will go shopping on thanksgiving Day and the weekend after.

If these figures are confirmed, then, according to the website that tracks the impact of holidays and events around the world on commercial activity, “Black Friday 2017” will be the largest in scale.

“It will be megashopper, Ben Caplan, head of the – We expect that given such a good situation in the economy Black Friday is the largest in history.”

The country’s largest retailers Association believes that every American on average will spend up to the end of the year 967 dollars.

The representative of the National retail Federation Ana Smith noted that this is the highest figure since, as the Federation began to carry out such surveys 15 years ago.

“Unemployment is at a record low, wages are gradually increased during the year, so at the moment we see that the consumer is in a very good situation compared to what it was during the recession, and is willing to spend more on holidays,” said Smith.

Stores plan to take advantage of the festive mood, increasing working hours and offering substantial discounts.

However, experts say that the best proposals are the so-called “loss leaders” – items offered at below market prices to lure buyers into the store.

“All this is done mainly to get publicity, and the offer is very limited – said Ben Kaplan. – So if you are the person who is willing to click or go to the store and be first in line, you could get these cheap products. But in many cases it will be just PR to drum up interest”.

A lot of competition for the products at prices “too attractive to be true” – especially popular electronics – explains why “Black Friday” is sometimes a contact sport.

This also explains the rapid growth of mobile and online sales, which, according to some analysts, can for the first time exceed $ 100 billion.

“Therefore, large retail chains such as Walmart and Target are making huge investments in digital technology, not to fall out of the consumer trend,” said Ana Smith.

It is expected that in total, American consumers will spend up to 680 billion dollars in the Christmas period. Workers and trade hope that a significant portion of this amount will be spent in the next few days.