The stone Orthodox Church will stay in Komarovo

Saint-Petersburg. 22 Nov. INTERFAX – the Stone Orthodox Church on the site of the existing wood will soon begin to build in the village of Komarovo Resort area, reported “Interfax” an informed source in the St. Petersburg diocese.

“A hundred years ago, in the year of the revolution, in the village of Komarovo, the former the kellomäki Orthodox Holy spirit Church was destroyed by fire. Now in Komarovo acting wooden temple, in the near future will begin the construction of the main, stone, temple”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

Commenting on the situation the government of St. Petersburg in the summer of 2017, to the free use of the Church another plot in the village, he noted that in Soviet times there was the domestic Church in which the committed worship.

According to the source, real property located on this plot of land was bought by the diocese under the contract of purchase and sale of housing in 1964, but the site itself did not have a property “in connection with absence in the Soviet period Institute of the right of private ownership of land as such”.

“House was a residential house with several outbuildings. Under persecution the Church in the Soviet period it was one of the few objects that were owned by the diocese. Since its acquisition in the house there was a house Church, which began to occur in divine service,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

He added that the property owned by the diocese for more than 50 years, has been used for so long in the statutory activities of the diocese, and functional use of real property relates to the property for religious purposes, given that the current legislation such property is recognized as non-residential and residential Fund.

In the conditions when the Church was given legal basis for obtaining land in the property, these circumstances served as the legal basis for the transfer of the above property of the diocese, said the Agency interlocutor.