Public observers urged to prevent conflicts in the presidential elections

Observers in the presidential elections from public chambers should not only record violations but also to prevent conflict situations, says a member of the Council under the President of Russia on development of civil society (HRC), one of the leaders of the monitoring group of the Council to monitor the elections, Igor Borisov. His words leads TASS on Thursday, November 23.

“Public chamber (OP) should act as the guarantor of the implementation of public initiatives for public observation at the polling stations in order not to fall into the trap of redemocracy, not move [to back] the main participants in the electoral process — voter, not replace it by an observer,” said Borisov at a press conference.

He noted that OP have to clarify the criteria for the work of the observers.

21 November, the Secretary OP Valery Fadeev announced the intention to prepare about 100 thousand observers for the presidential elections.

In October, the state Duma introduced a draft law that allows the Public chamber and regional public chambers to send their observers to election commissions during elections of the President.This week the bill passed the lower house of Parliament in the second, mainly reading.

The next presidential elections will be held on 18 March, the campaign should start in December. To date, in addition to Zhirinovsky, presidential ambitions announced presenters Ksenia Sobchak and Catherine Gordon, the Chairman of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov and businessman Sergei Polonsky. The current President has not yet announced plans to participate in the campaign.