“Östersund” – Zarya: Today will be the match of the Europa League

“Östersund” – “Zarya”. Vernidub’s charges defeat the Swedes started the Europa League, but after that managed to break down a situation and now expect to qualify from the group. Online broadcast of the match “östersund” – “dawn” will begin 112.ua at 19:30 and watch the match on the channel “Football 1”.

23 Nov, 20:05Östersund, “Jamtkraft”Europa League, Matchday 5″Östersund” – Zarya

In group J both teams are leaders of the Quartet. Luhansk from “Östersund” separates only one point.

Group J

1. Ostersund – 7 points2. Dawn – 63. Athletic – 54. Hertha Berlin – 4

The situation in the group they tangled. Naturally, the victory will allow “the Dawn” to become even closer to the playoffs, but permits continue to fight and the rest of the team. And they also need a victory that will keep them out of the group.

It is noteworthy that “östersund” in the following will be able to play in Europe, only in the event of winning the Europa League. In Sweden, the championship, “Ostersund” took the fifth place, which gives the right to play European football. “Dawn” yet also the competition is not intended, behind the coveted sixth place to two points.

Head coach of “Dawn” Yuri Vernidub:

“I am very impressed with the game “Östersund”. The visible hand of the coach. Atypical Swedish team. Knows and loves to play in attack to control the ball. There are strong players in attack, the last defenders fast. A good level team. We have a desire to play well, he lost them.”

Forecast bookmakers:

1xBet: victory “Östersund” – 1.90, the draw is 3.46, the victory of “Dawn” – 4.92Winline: victory “Östersund” is 1.82, the draw is 3.44, the victory of “Dawn” – 4.76

Forecast 112.ua: 2-1