Foreign Minister of Ukraine told about the transfer of the U.S. “the experience of the struggle with the Russians”

MOSCOW, Nov 19 — RIA Novosti. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that Kyiv will receive from Washington weapons, and in exchange will give the American partners “experience of struggle with the Russians”.

“We need all this equipment, logistical support and training. Moreover, it is mutually beneficial: we share our experience of dealing with the Russians. We are not talking about a single element of the puzzle, not only from Javelina (missile system Javelin — approx. ed.), and all”, — quotes “UKRINFORM” the words of the Minister.

In addition to anti-tank missiles, Kiev expects to receive from U.S. drones, counter-battery systems and tools for cyber war, said the Minister.

Earlier media, citing sources in the state Department announced the decision of the Council of national security of the United States to recommend to President Donald Trump to give Ukraine a grant of $ 47 million for the purchase of Javelin anti-tank systems.

Kiev authorities unsuccessfully sought the US supply of lethal weapons for the past three years. Now Washington is providing military assistance to Ukraine, but officially only in the form of uniforms, equipment and training for soldiers of the national guard.

Moscow has repeatedly warned against plans arms deliveries to Ukraine, because this step will only lead to the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. Against the supply of Kiev weapons are the majority of European politicians.