In Odessa, the rally turned into a brawl with the police, security forces used tear gas and batons

In Odessa, a rally against the construction of flats near the Summer theatre in the city garden has turned into a serious brawl with the police, reports “Duma”.

After the start of the rally, the protesters immediately, forcibly opened the gates, demolishing them on their way and entered the territory of the Summer theatre. During the clashes with the police had used tear-gas and firecrackers.

The police tried to disperse a protest in the City garden, from the security forces started to use tear gas and batons. The protesters lit flares and threw the police with paving stones.

The publication reports that the head of the Odessa police Dmitry Golovin tried to calm the protesters, but they began to push. According to eyewitnesses, the chief of the Odessa police Dmitry Golovin got injured in clashes with protesters — he smashed his head. Currently, there is mass arrests of protesters and law enforcement officers.

Note that before the action Director of the company-Builder “solid” Igor Kovalenko tried to explain his position to journalists and tried to convince the protesters to leave the area. According to him, the developer plans to create on the territory of the Summer garden concert-exhibition complex, no high-rise buildings there are no plans. And although, according to Kovalenko, is in private ownership, there are also trees cut down for construction will not.But to convince activists he was not able.