White house: trump is campaigning for Moore’s allegations of sexual crimes

The White house has decided that the fate of the controversial Republican candidate for Senator must be decided by the voters of Alabama

WASHINGTON – President Donald trump is not carrying on a campaign in support of a candidate to the senators from Alabama, Roy Moore because of “embarrassment” in connection with allegations of sexual offences has made against the candidate. At the same time, the President urges controversial judge to end his campaign, believing that their word should be said constituents, said at the White house.

According to the assistant to the President, trump doesn’t know who to believe in the situation with the charges a month before the election on 12 December, which concern actions that allegedly took place several decades ago.

One Republican Senator urged the voters of Alabama reject Moore’s candidacy in the special election, despite the fact that this may mean the assignment of seats to Democrat and reduced the Republican majority in the Senate. Recall that now of the 100 seats in the Senate belong to the 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats.

Another Republican legislator has suggested that there is “high likelihood” of victory of the candidate, “a proven conservative” who will enter the ballot the voters themselves. However, no names of the legislator himself is not named.

“We feel uncomfortable about the statements given by Roy Moore today,” said Director of the White house on the legislative work of mark Short. Commenting on the position of the trump, he said: “Obviously, if he did not consider that the allegations of these women credible, he would have joined the campaign in support of Roy Moore”.

At the same time, Short said that “the prosecution of 38-year-old” almost impossible to prove. “At this stage we believe he was a public figure in Alabama for decades, and must make a decision the people of Alabama, not the President, not the head of the Senate not members of Congress,” he said.

Former judge of the Supreme court of Alabama, which was twice removed from office, Moore denied the accusations kotoyre has only recently emerged and promises to continue the campaign. According to the results of early elections should decide who will occupy the Senate seat that belonged to the current General Prosecutor Jeff Seshns, until January 2020. To the allegations trump has supported incumbent Senator Luther, Strange and campaigned in the state, which is a stronghold of the Republicans. Strange but lost in the primaries on September 26.

After the primaries trump has hinted that he will support Moore – candidate, anti-establishment, which is actively promoting the former chief strategist of the White house Stephen Bannon. But after the allegations, the White house said that Moore needs to drop out of the race if they are true. Moore’s opponent in the elections on 12 December will be a former Prosecutor Democrat Doug Jones.

The head of the budget office of the White house Mick Mulvany said that although the White house has “serious concerns”, it is difficult to intervene in the campaign opposing Moore. Moore’s name cannot be excluded from the ballot, even if he decides to drop out of the race, but the opportunity campaign for inscribing the name of another candidate is retained.

According to Malwani, tramp “doesn’t know who to believe, as do many other people.”

The shorts, which has repeatedly tried to get the answer to the question, does trump Moore still said: “You’ve probably not seen, as he declares his support. Have you seen how he writes the automated calls. I think based on the fact that he is not involved in the campaign in support of Roy Moore, you can conclude that it was causing him discomfort.”

Moore vehemently rejects the accusations as “baseless” and “fake”, despite the fact that there are more women who complain about his improper sexual behavior. Two women stated that Moore had assaulted them in the 1970s when one was 14 and the other 16 years, and Moore, a local attorney, 30. Three other women stated that he sought a romantic relationship with them around the same time.

The Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell and the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan joined many Republicans calling on Moore to leave the race. Sessions told Congress last week that he had “no reason to doubt” in the statements of the women.

“I hope the voters of Alabama will not choose it, said Republican Senator Susan Collins. – I don’t know Doug Jones, but I would never support Roy Moore. I hope it wasn’t over the fact that he will be in the U.S. Senate”.

Republican Senator Tim Scott said: “In the interests of the country, in the interests of the state of Alabama, from my point of view, Roy Moore better find yourself another job”. Scott believes there is “a high probability that with a new candidate, a new Republican candidate, a proven conservative we can win this race”.

Candidate Moore has put officials of the Republican party in a difficult position, especially after the Republican Governor of Alabama Kay Ivey said he would not postpone the election and vote for Moore. The Republican party of Alabama, also spoke in support of Moore.

In case of victory Moore, the Republican senators will be forced to work with a colleague, who is accused of harassment of teenagers that can become an unpleasant burden on the eve of Congressional elections in 2018.

McConnell said that Moore almost certainly will face a formal complaint of ethical character, if elected to the Senate. Such a complaint may lead to the vote on his expulsion from the chamber.

The shorts were in the “this week” on channel ABC, Malvani in the program “meet the press” on NBC, Collins appeared on the channel ABC and the program “state of the Union” on CNN, and Scott – in a Sunday program on Fox News.