The Senate approved the Law on national defence in the new financial year

The document, adopted on the eve of the House of representatives, make provision about the reflection of the Russian aggression and aid Ukraine

The Senate of the U.S. Congress adopted on Thursday approved a bill providing appropriations in the amount of $ 700 billion for defense. Thus, the upper chamber of Congress supported the President’s call for trump to strengthen the country’s armed forces.

Resorting to an oral vote, the Senate approved the Law on national defence (National Defense Authorization Act) for fiscal year 2018. Recall that this law, which determines the funding of the armed forces of the United States, is annual.

On the eve of the national defence Act for fiscal year 2018 adopted by the House of representatives. Now, approved by Senate, the document is sent for signature to President Trump.

The bill, in particular, the extension provides measures to repel aggression from Russia.

We are talking about the extension of the validity of restrictions on military cooperation with Russia, as well as the measures against actions aimed at the recognition of the sovereignty of Russia over the Crimea.

It is assumed the extension and development of initiatives to assist Ukraine in the security sphere, support of the European initiative of containment, continued efforts in the training of security forces of Eastern European countries in the framework of the international exercise of and assisting the Baltic States to enhance their capacity to deter aggression from Russia.

The document also envisages the drafting of annual reports on the actions of Russia in the sphere of security, the spread of misinformation and propaganda. In addition, Congress notes the important role established at NATO centre to collect and collate intelligence information on the background of increasing threats from Russia.