The ratings of the President, trump continued to decline

The work of the White house dissatisfied with almost 60 percent of Americans

The President’s rating trump fell again in November, continuing the trend noted by the observers, three months ago.
According to recent public opinion research Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, today the actions of the US President endorses only 41 percent of Americans. 59 percent of respondents said that they are not satisfied with the work of the White house.

The survey is traditionally held by the research Center of American politics, Harvard University in cooperation with the research centre for the Harris Poll.

Recall that according to polls, Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, the highest value rating of Donald trump reached in March this year, when the support of the President’s actions, said 49 percent of respondents.
According to other surveys, the level of support for the White house is the lowest in history – research portal RealClearPolitics, summarizing survey data, reported that the average work Donald trump endorses only 38 percent of Americans.

However, as the researchers clarify, the US President maintains support among Republicans, 86 percent of the number of voters who voted for him in the elections of 2016, continues to approve of his actions.

The researchers also noted that respondents were divided on the issue of investigation of Russian interference in the presidential campaign of 2016. 38 percent of voters believe spectracolor Mueller was able to detect convincing evidence of contacts between the headquarters of the trump and Moscow.

At the same time 36 percent of respondents believe that such evidence does not exist, and 27 percent were undecided.

At the same time, 44 percent of survey participants said that a special Prosecutor needs to conduct an investigation in respect of the electoral headquarters of the Republican and democratic candidates.