Rob Goldstone is ready to testify, the team Mueller

The investigators find out what kind of information could give Russian officials the US President’s son

British publicist Rob Goldstone, who organized the meeting between Donald trump Jr. and a group of Russian representatives in June of 2016 in new York, agreed to give a statement to investigators of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

As the channel NBC, citing its own sources, lawyers Goldstone, who lives in Thailand has already been discussed with representatives of the investigation team the time and place of future questioning. According to the agreement, the British advertising agent in the near future can fly to the United States.

Robert Goldstone has organized a meeting in the Trump Tower skyscraper on 9 June 2016, during which the lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya had to offer Donald Trump Jr. information, compromising Hillary Clinton, in exchange for a promise to abolish some of the sanctions against Russia.

In one of the email messages Goldstone announced that the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation “proposed to grant the electoral headquarters of the trump the official documents and information” relating to Hillary Clinton.

“This is a very sensitive information obtained at a very high level – said Goldstone. – It is part of the support which is ready to provide Russia and its government, Mr. Trump.”

Investigators are trying to figure out whether it was transmitted this information, and what kind of “support” could promise the Russian representatives of the headquarters of the Republican candidate.