The Imam of Belgorod received 8.5 years in prison for promoting terrorism

Moscow. 17 Nov. INTERFAX – the Moscow district military court on the outskirts of Belgorod was sentenced to 8,5 years of imprisonment in a colony of a local Imam, finding him guilty of promoting terrorism, has informed “Interfax” a press-the court Secretary Irina Zhirnova.

“Fuzuli Ismayilov has already been convicted in may of 2016 to three years in prison for illegal circulation of weapons and explosives, 9 November, found guilty of promoting terrorism. Taking into account the previous sentence the final sentence of F. Ismailov appointed as 8 years and 6 months of imprisonment in colony of General regime”, – said I. Zhirnov.

As established a consequence and court, the 36-year-old Imam met for preaching about the “cleansing Islam from the polytheists”, called for Jihad and the construction of the “Islamic state Caliphate”. He also urged to provide financial assistance to supporters of the banned terrorist organization ISIS and travel to Syria to participate in hostilities on the side of “Islamic state”.

Thus, according to the investigators, in the period from December 2012 to January 2013, “using the authority among the citizens professing Islam, authentically knowing that the territory of the North Caucasus Federal district operates an illegal armed formation, and desiring to assist a terrorist organization by engaging in them, while in a local religious organisation, the Imam bowed, one of the citizens to participate in illegal armed groups”.

In January 2013, recruited by the F. Ismailov, the man went to Syria to participate in hostilities on the side of ISIS, “but, realizing the fallacy of imposed Ismailov ideology, voluntarily left the location and returned to Russia.”

“The guilt Ismailov did not recognize, insisting that it was just peaceful preaching and religious rites. However, his position was refuted in the course of the trial a number of witnesses and other evidence in the case,” said I. Zhirnov.

F. Ismailov, Imam of the Belgorod Muslim religious organizations in the structure of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia headed by Ravil Gainutdin.