The scandal surrounding Roy Moore, a dilemma for President trump

The President has not yet expressed its position regarding the accusations against a candidate for Senator

The President of the United States Donald trump were involved in a political maelstrom for the candidate to the senators from Alabama, Roy Moore, whom a number of prominent Republicans are urging to withdraw his candidacy in light of allegations of sexual harassment.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan and two former presidential candidates from the Republican party, MITT Romney and Senator John McCain, believe that 70-year-old Moore should withdraw his candidacy, but trump, who returned to Washington from a tour of Asia, has not yet expressed its views on this issue.

Two women accused Moore of sexual harassment against them in the period when they were teenagers, and politics-the Republican was a little more than 30 years. Three women said that during the same period, in the late 1970s when they were in high school, Moore, who was then state’s attorney, tried to invite them on a date.

Moore refuses to withdraw from the electoral race in which his opponent is former Federal Prosecutor, Democrat Doug Jones. At stake in the Senate post vacated when Jeff sessions took the post of attorney General in the office of the trump.

Moore strongly denies allegations of sexual harassment, although it does not deny that he dated women much younger than he is.

He accuses the media of trying to undermine his campaign and threatened to sue the newspaper The Washington Post, where a week ago an article appeared with the first accusations of four women. On Monday, another woman, Beverly young Nelson, stated that Moore had assaulted her one night in the late 1970’s, when she finished her shift at the restaurant where he often went. Moore argues that he was not familiar with this woman, but in 1977 he left a note wishing me a merry Christmas in her school album.

Moore tried to build his campaign on Christian values, saying on Tuesday: “If we again turn to God, we will not achieve anything”. Polls show that the odds of Moore and Jones are almost equal, despite the fact that Alabama tends to be conservative politicians, and last year’s election the vast majority of people voted for trump.

Trump during his tour avoided questions about Moore. “I need to return to the country to assess what is happening,” he said.

In a situation with Moore before trump is a political dilemma. The candidate can ignore the appeals of the President to withdraw from the race, because during the September primaries trump endorsed his opponent, Senator Luther, Strange. However, after Moore won the primary, trump endorsed his candidacy.

In addition, if trump, like other Republicans, says he believes the accusations against Moore, his opponents can start to ask questions, why you should believe these accusations, but no words 11 women, during the election campaign, accusing trump of unwanted kissing and touching. Trump has accused them of lying and he promised to take them to court, but never did.

The name Moore in any case remain on the ballot even if he will withdraw his candidacy because the deadline for withdrawal from the race long passed.

McConnell and other Republicans admit the possibility to write on the ballot papers of another candidate – some offer for this role, Strange, while others encourage and Roman sessions to resign as attorney General and try to regain the post he held for 20 years.

Other Republicans claim that in case of victory Moore, they might try to remove him, declaring him morally unfit for the position.