In the United States presented a unique Russian diamonds

NEW YORK, 15 Nov — RIA Novosti. Diamond “Dynasty” weighing in at 51 carats — the most expensive and transparent of jewelry ever made in Russia, is being auctioned on November 29. World display of a collection of unique stones was completed in new York.

The presentation of the collection of diamonds “Dynasty” of the company “ALROSA” was held in “Carnegie hall” and completed a world tour after a show in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Hong Kong and Israel.

All the collection includes five pieces of jewelry: in addition to “Dynasty,” is diamonds “Sheremetev” (16 carats), eagles (five carats), “Vorontsov” (1,73 carats) and Yusupov (1,39 CT.) They are all made from a single diamond — “Novels” — weight, 179 CT. Unique crystal was discovered in Yakutia in October 2015. It took one and a half years. In June 2017, the entire collection was sent to the Gemological Institute of the USA, which confirmed the characteristics of the stones. Such quality and purity have less than three percent of the world’s diamonds, the company said.

“It’s the perfect stones. Stones of this quality from Russia has never been,” — told RIA Novosti Director of “Brillianty ALROSA” Pavel Pinigin.

With this collection the company expects to return to the Russian jewelry business to its former glory and popularity in the world. It is no coincidence that its name is in honor of those names that made a contribution to the Russian jewellery traditions.

“Some time was lost. Russian jewelry tradition was known to the world that in Soviet times was famous for the so-called Russian cut diamonds russian cut. In the USSR he worked hard options, high standards of cut. The market remembers. The current collection is able to continue these traditions”, — said Pinigin.

The final point of the tour “Dynasty” chosen by chance: today America is the largest market for diamonds. Diamonds “Dynasty” will be exposed on auction ALROSA on November 29.