Walker and Surkov have agreed to continue working to achieve peace in the Donbass

Following the meeting, the Belgrade American and the Russian side has issued a statement to the press

On Monday 13 November in Belgrade hosted the third meeting of the special U.S. representative, Kurt Volker and assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov, during which they discussed efforts to end hostilities in the Donbass.

As indicated in a special statement to the press on the outcomes of the Belgrade negotiations, “despite the fact that the United States and Russia have different concepts about how to achieve peace, the joint work in this direction will be continued”. A statement published on the website of the U.S. Embassy in Russia.

Walker and Surkov said about the need to act in the spirit of the Minsk agreement and “to combine political measures with measures in the sphere of security”. As indicated in the statement, the two sides will analyze the views expressed during the current meeting and will consider further action to achieve peace in the Donbass.

The previous meeting between Volcker and Surkov also took place in Belgrade on 7 October. The first meeting after assuming the office of the special representative of the United States Ukraine, Kurt Volker and Vladislav Surkov held in Minsk on 21 August 2017.