The Russian company is blocking the exit of the Ukrainian state banks on lottery market of Ukraine – media

The Russian lottery company “M. S. L.” blocking the exit of the Ukrainian state banks on lottery market of Ukraine. About it reports “RBC-Ukraine”.

According to the publication, thanks to the efforts of “M. S. L.” in the government blocked the draft licensing conditions for companies, which conduct lottery in Ukraine. The company “M. S. L.” is the sphere of influence of “alpha groups” of the Russian oligarch Mikhail Fridman is one of the leading organizers of lotteries in Ukraine.

Thus, according to the decision of the NSDC of Ukraine, “M. S. L.” is one of the legal persons responsible for the aggression of Russia against Ukraine. The company is not interested in licensing of market participants, as they will not be able to purchase a new license because of the sanctions, the newspaper writes.

The publication reports that the draft of the new license conditions for the Ukrainian market of lotteries was sent to the Ministry of Finance for approval in the Government, at the end of may 2017. The draft license conditions suggests that the license price will be 168,4 million UAH. Operators will be required to pay for each distribution point. Licensing of lottery companies, the Finance Ministry estimated would provide about 200 million UAH. only one license payments from one operator. The capacity of the market (about 40 billion hryvnia) suggests at least some licensees. According to forecasts of the Ministry of Finance, General one-time revenue from license sales reached a billion hryvnia.

Besides, a lottery license to be able to buy state-owned financial institutions. Interest in lotteries already showed Privat and Oschadbank. However, for investment in the market of lotteries in state-owned banks, pre-legalization of the market and a stable legal environment. Licensing of lottery companies would provide both of these conditions. Now lottery company working in Ukraine without a license. The validity of the old licenses expired in 2014, and the conditions for obtaining new licenses still not been approved.

The total level of tax deductions of all lottery companies in 2016 amounted to about 300 million UAH, or less than 1% of the total turnover of this market. November 6, the party “national corps” conducted a campaign to block the work of the Russian lottery operator “M. S. L.”. Participants of the action pasted the building of “M. S. L.” in the mulberry, 50 in Kyiv stickers Patriotic content.

Activists of the “National corpus”, the majority of whose members are veterans of the ATO, demanded the termination of the “M. S. L” in Ukraine as the company, sponsoring “terrorism and separatism in Eastern Ukraine”. “National body” named “M. S. L.” “a business that earns money on the blood of Ukrainian soldiers, not paying taxes and military duty, and also displays the means for “the alpha-Groups” in the country of the aggressor”.