President of Moldova took place in Transnistria on independence

CHISINAU, 14 Nov — RIA Novosti. The President of Moldova Igor Dodon considers that Transnistria is impossible to gain independence or become a subject of Russia.

“We all know about my position of the Federal government. But it doesn’t really matter as it will be called: the Federation, autonomy, and so on. Important than this status will be filled. I believe that all the powers that exist today in Transnistria, he needs to leave. Parliament, President, government, flag. And from the Transnistrian budget penny should not take. We should have a common statehood, the General budget, the banking system, a common foreign policy… a Shared border,” he explained in an interview with “Nezavisimaya Gazeta”.

According to him, “to unify the country there are two pre-conditions: neutrality, recognized by the international players (perfectly as in Turkmenistan)”. “And one more thing: we have to give Transnistria the right to self-determination in the case of the loss of Moldovan statehood. Although I am sure that after the unification of the country in Moldova will never be preuninstall (advocating for the Union with Romania. — Approx. ed.) of power”, said Dodon.

According to him, “you can negotiate with Tiraspol, he had two scenarios: either to become part of Ukraine, or Moldova.” “I am sure that for Transnistria it is better to be part of the Republic of Moldova”, — he said.

As stated the Moldovan leader, he knows what to do concrete steps in the settlement of the Transnistrian issue during the current parliamentary majority in Moldova is unrealistic. “I believe that after the elections in Moldova, once you have created a Pro-Moldova parliamentary majority in 2019 should begin to work on the Transnistrian settlement”, concluded Dodon.

Transnistria, 60 percent of which are Russians and Ukrainians sought to secede from Moldova even before the collapse of the USSR, fearing that on the wave of nationalism Moldova will join Romania. In 1992, after a failed attempt of the authorities of Moldova force to solve the problem, Transnistria has become virtually beyond the control of Chisinau’s territory.