Lyft heads to Canada with the Toronto launch

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Lyft launched its ride-hailing application to Toronto next month in its first international expansion outside the united states.

The company, which was once known for its pink-moustached cars, made the announcement on his blog.

The change is the result of aggressive expansion in the united states, where Lyft has also benefited from problems at its rival, Uber.

The Lyft app is now available to 95% of the US population, an increase of 54% compared to the beginning of the year.

Lyft said that its service would be available in Toronto to help ring in the holidays”.

The company said it was accepting applications for drivers, but offers no further details and did not respond to a request for comment.

Last year, Toronto has approved rules that would allow ride-hailing services to operate, after earlier clashes between Uber, regulators, and traditional taxi services.Major projects

Lyft was founded in 2012, and has won the recognition of fuzzy, pink mustaches that adorned the cars. although it has since dropped the promotion of the brand.

The company has been mainly focused, and in many cases, it has avoided the controversy that swirled around Uber as its biggest rival expanded to dozens of countries abroad.

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However, Lyft has bigger ambitions and has met several times in London, the regulatory agencies. It has partnerships with Ford and General Motors, as well as with tour-native applications such as the India, of the Ola.

This year, Lyft has raised $1.6 billion in funding, with contributions from the likes of Google, the parent company of the Alphabet placement of the arm and the Canada Public Sector Pension Investment board. The company says it is now worth$11bn.

It has also gained market share in the united states, Uber’s reputation has weakened in the midst of an outcry by its corporate culture and practices of data collection.