Lawyers are looking for Uber sex assault-mass suit

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Uber is facing group litigation over its safety practices after complaints of sexual assault committed by drivers.

The lawsuit accuses Uber of the creation of “a system for bad actors to access vulnerable victims”.

The company says it has resisted missed, such as more stringent background checks, which would improve the safety of the passengers.

An Uber spokesman said: “These allegations are important to us and we take it very seriously.”

The suit was of two anonymous women, including a Florida woman police was raped by an Uber driver, after he took home.

The firm is working on the case, Wigdor, is looking to expand it in group litigation – a class action lawsuit.

It wants to be, victims of abuse in the hands of the driver, which it estimates could be more than 100.

“Uber needs to make drastic changes in order to prevent, to preserve that one other female driver before the damage,” said Jeanne Christensen, a partner at Wigdor. Long-Standing Problem

Concerns About the screening procedure for drivers, the company tooth and nail for a number of years.

Wigdor brought a similar lawsuit on behalf of two women in the year 2015, which will be later settled. More women have given us this year.

Reviews Uber driver, the applications, the two U.S. States of Maryland and Massachusetts, have led to refusals of thousands more applications than on the own system.

In the past year, the company settlements reached in at least two cases on their security claims, including attorney’s fees brought by the state in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The firm this month announced it is donating $ 5 million over five years to organizations for the prevention of sexual violence.

Tuesday, the suit says, has made Uber, the profit-motivated decision to “look the other way” when it hires and supervises drivers.

It says Uber has skirted the regulatory authorities through the classification will have to be considered as a technology company, but basically it is a taxi company with drivers that should be as an employee.

“Court orders are required to change the power of that Uber should be voluntary,” it says.

An Uber spokesman said: “Uber has received this complaint today, and we are in the process of reviewing it. These allegations are important to us and we take it very seriously.”