In Kiev burned the high-rise building, 14 people were evacuated

In a nine-storey residential building on Forest Avenue, 15, 14 November at 13:08 on fire. Reports a press about it-service gschs of Ukraine in Kiev.

Rescuers have determined that the fire originated in a two-bedroom apartment on the third floor. During fire extinguishing employees of gschs rescued three people who were brought to fresh air and transferred to doctors. Firefighters evacuated four people and two children with the help of ladders. In the stairwell fresh air brought five more people.

13:46 the fire is localized, and at 14:08 eliminated.


As a result of fire damaged window frames, furniture, personal belongings, fridge, TV, doors and blackened the walls and ceiling of the apartment.

In Kiev on the go car caught fire

At the scene worked 10 units of main and special equipment and 45 people of staff of the Kiev garrison.

Earlier it was reported that in Kiev at night 9 nojabrja burned Auchan supermarket in the shopping center SkyMall.