In Boyarka in kindergarten was forbidden to wear crosses

Near Kiev in Boyarka in kindergarten, the Sparkle in Boyarka children are forbidden to wear any jewelry, including crosses. About this on his page in Facebook said the information Center of the UOC.

The kindergarten Director Natalya Kovalchuk initiated the prohibition of jewelry, according to her, for reasons of security. If children come to kindergarten with crosses, the teachers removed the jewelry.

Many protested the ban. Journalist Bohdan lupasco criticized the decision of the Director, and wrote that the ban on crosses violates the right of children to free religion. He noted that to ensure the safety of the staff of the kindergarten, and the prohibition of crosses has nothing to do with it.

Chief specialist of Department of preschool education of Department of education and science CODE Love Kivshar reported that the Director of the kindergarten may incur disciplinary punishment.

“It is illegal (the order), he is not provided with any legal documents,“ she wrote.

Recall, September 29 students of the National pedagogical Dragomanov University was ordered to attend a “solemn prayer“ during class. On 12 October the priest of UPTS of the Kiev Patriarchy Andrey Chmil’, which is also known as the chaplain of the volunteer Donbass battalion, blamed the Ukrainian government for refusing to lead a “victorious war“ in the Eastern regions of Ukraine.