Does the company measure customer loyalty

Customer relationships are especially valuable when the level of loyalty to the company can be measured by communicating with them. Tool easiest to ask users “would Recommend you company to my friends, colleagues, relatives?”. It was invented by an American business strategist and expert in the study of loyalty Fred Reicheld in 2003. Since the measurement of NPS (Net Promoter Score or customer satisfaction rates) do all over the world with the aim to turn customers feedback into real changes at the company.

In short: the index is to determine the ratio between the absolute “advocates” of the company and its critics or detractors. The result of the measurement provides an understanding of the General level of customer loyalty. Global leaders of the industries rarely publish their performance NPS in the public domain. In Ukraine, such studies of customer loyalty do, but rarely post, so take for example a fresh SMB Trust Index platform for small business, Alignable (USA).

The index is a ranking of loyalty to major brands, created for the THIRD quarter of 2017 on the basis of more than 42 thousand reviews American entrepreneurs. It was according to the method of the NPS study. Leader in the list by the voices of entrepreneurs has become the e-commerce giant Amazon (62 points out of a possible 80). The members of the big four in the segment of delivery, UPS and FedEx, at 6 and 9 positions, respectively. I am sure that these and other participants of the rating measurements of NPS and on their own. These data help to eliminate bottlenecks and influence commercial planning and sales growth.

In Ukraine results of measurements of NPS is most of the data for internal use. But some companies, for example, the leaders of the banking sector, Telecom market and shipping, all the same they publish. “Nova poshta” in cooperation with research agencies began to carry out first measurements in 2015. Method online surveys. In 2017 we do it quarterly, and monthly by taking measurements over the phone based on its own resources.

In General, each month we interview up to 12 thousand unique clients, in-depth work with about a thousand. According iVOX, in 2015 among providers of services in Ukraine higher NPS “Nova poshta” (54%) were the only indicator of Google (63%). NPS among the clients of “Nova poshta” we measured this fall along with an Agency partner, was 63%. Despite the fact that the rate is quite high, we have where to grow and what to become better.

Moreover, I believe that NPS of any business, and especially if it depends on the human factor is a variable. A high level of customer loyalty is also a high responsibility and credibility, so it would be a mistake to take a high figure for granted. “Nova poshta” as a service business decided to go a different route, having as high a result as the call to action. And here’s why.

The most valuable result of measurement is real feedback from customers. It indicates bottlenecks in the service, it is possible and necessary to work. Based on the survey results, we are improving the customer experience and are working to resolve the pain points. For example, in recent months we have received feedback about queues in branches. It is recognized that the annual growth of volume of deliveries and the crisis on the labour market has an impact on our infrastructure and service capabilities. The company takes this challenge: we update the strategy of development of the network is already equipped with 15 departments of Kyiv self-service zone on the basis of own network of automatic parcel terminals, expanding the state of the teams in the offices, working to make our service more comfortable to use in digitale. This is the first.

Second: communicating with customers about what they need is a good opportunity to turn detractors in promoters. As an example, the service NP Shopping — forwarding orders from online stores U.S. and Europe that aren’t in their delivery to Ukraine. After the initial launch of the service in the summer of 2016, we received customer feedback that pointed to flaws. Thanks to these reviews and direct communication with customers already in 2017 the service has improved: solved the difficulty of tracking added to the shops directory European sites, improve the usability of the site attracts the customers to test the new version of the service. As a result, now NP Shopping has reached the level where it is often recommended in social networks the question “which of the forwarders without problem delivers from Amazon/eBay etc”.

In addition to focus groups and surveys, to improve services effectively working method of maprounea travel of the consumer (customer journey mapping). In “Nova poshta” it was partially applied in the NP and Shopping service for delivery from China. Using the card helped to solve the current difficulties in the client experience, increase the volume of orders to make the service more understandable.

And finally the third. Many experts claim that the NPS directly affects the profit. Indeed, the advocate of the brand recommends it to others and brings the company’s favor in the form of new loyal customers. But I think it has less to worry about Ukrainian companies, which often impute contrast to the Western in terms of efficiency and standards. It is important to build an emotional connection with customers, hear them. So we decided to lay the principles of customer experience in a long-term strategy. This is a classic boomerang principle: sooner or later excellent service will impact on the financial performance of the company, but you need to work constantly.