At Madrid there is no evidence of “Russian influence” on the situation in Catalonia

MOSCOW, 14 Nov — RIA Novosti. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that he had not seen evidence of the intervention of Russian authorities in the political situation in Catalonia, reports Reuters.

The head of the foreign Ministry of Spain Alfonso Dastis said that Madrid had informed Moscow about suspicious Internet traffic from Russia, which had to do with events in Catalonia. He also admitted that there is no data about the involvement of the Russian government.

Dasti added that 50 percent of the suspicious traffic was coming from Russia, 30 percent from Venezuela. The Minister agrees that such messages in social networks can not determine the opinion of residents of a particular country.

He has previously stated that “Russian hackers” are trying to destabilize the situation in Spain and the European Union as a whole.

In recent weeks, some Spanish media published a series of articles in which a number of Russian media, including RT and Sputnik Agency, was accused of biased coverage of the crisis in Catalonia and the use of accounts in social networks to create a negative image of Spain.

The Russian Embassy in Spain has condemned the allegations about the influence of Moscow on the situation in Catalonia. The Kremlin said that he considered the Catalan crisis is purely an internal matter of Spain.

On Friday, three Ministers of the Spanish government stated that a large number of messages in social networks in support of Catalan supporters of independence spread from the territory of Russia.

After the referendum in October, the government of Catalonia adopted a resolution on sovereignty. In response to this, Madrid was suspended from office members of the government autonomy and dissolved the local Parliament. Twenty-first of December in the region, held early elections.

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