Annette Bening turns the tables on Hollywood


Annette Bening was happy about your latest movie – and a big reason for this is because they do not present themselves to see a real-life story of role reversal often on the big screen.

Bening plays fading Hollywood starlet Gloria Grahame, who embarks on a romance with a much younger British actor, played by Jamie Bell, the Film Stars Don’t die in Liverpool.

Grahame was a big name in their heyday, starring in films such as Oklahoma!, It’s a wonderful life and a Oscar win, for the Bad and the Beautiful, in the year 1953.

The film is based on the memoirs of Peter Turner (Bell), and was brought to life with the help of Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, who knew that, and Gloria, when they were together Peter.

Bening play, says it was an elderly woman in a relationship with a younger man, refreshing.

“It was wonderful. When I started (acting) when I was 30-something, I always played on the side of men who were much older than me – Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, my husband (Warren Beatty). Wonderful actor, I’m not complaining, I loved it – but this is the norm and you have the other way, in a way, the loving and challenging [was great].”


The film, directed by Paul McGuigan, looks back on the couple the relationship as Gloria, the ill now with cancer, is turning in Peter’s family home in Liverpool, years after the couple split.

Bening, she says, and broccoli, the friends had already “leaked” the idea of the film for about 20 years.

The actress kept drawn back to Peter’s book: “It is a great read, the kind of is how composed he writes like the movie where the seam in between the past and the present in a loose kind of way”.

Bening says she hopes more stories about people, gender is not only young and in love, about people who are older and more sophisticated, what the reality is, be fully it “especially for women getting older. Not only is this cliché. The reality is much more subtle”.

But welcome while better storylines for older women are in front of the camera, which rolls behind the scenes?


“We had a woman, the camera man was really cool, very rare. It’s a man’s world (to) these sentences, and I don’t think it was always easy for her, even though she was a heroic and fantastic.

“I think it will change and it will go better.

“I know that my (female) friends, life is so interesting and their lives are often not reflected in the way that we see women on the screen. But now things change, we get to tell these stories, and those stories you told us.”

Bening is not the only actress over 50, the Film Stars Don’t die in Liverpool – there is a treasure trove of female British legends, including Vanessa Redgrave, Frances Barber, and Dame Julie Walters.

In one scene, the tension, the bubbles more than Barber will play Gloria’s sister – snipes on their successful sister.

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It is the only scene, a hair appears.

“Frances is amazing, she steals completely the scene – I’m a great admirer, that is so hard to do. It is like jumping on a moving train,” says Bening.

“Vanessa was Richard III on the stage to the time we shot the movie so we have it on Sunday, their free day.

“Shows you until dawn, you had a long day and she was wonderful. I definitely had that moment – ” I’m passed the act with Vanessa Redgrave, this is really!'”

And Lady Julie?

“She is everything – I love her, she is awesome and she is one of those people – she lives fully up to every expectation you might have, she is beautiful and so much fun.”Sexual Violence

Inevitably, the conversation turns into a Hollywood hot topic – Harvey Weinstein and the claims against him of sexual harassment or attack from a large number of women – accusations he has denied.

Like many others, Bening said she didn’t realize the extent of his behavior.

“Harvey was known as a bit rude, but I was certainly didn ‘ T know the going on in the level, as it was, and it’s great that these women have come forward, I really respect you.

“Perhaps culturally, this means things will change.”

She adds: “It was fascinating, as I was at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year. I saw 21 movies, to do many of them… had with sexual violence against women physical violence against women, emotional violence against women. We just showed up to watch movies!

“It was not always the theme of the film – in many cases, it was – but then there were other films in the it was on the verge of history.

“It is a constant, so that now our consciousness is so much greater.”

Stars in the movie Don ‘ T is in Liverpool in the UK on Thursday, 16. November.

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