Why buses on the border with Poland are 18 hours

Visa-free regime with the EU for Ukrainians, came into effect in June, but problems at the borders remained. As it turned out, the state had not calculated the increase in passenger traffic from Ukraine to the EU, and, accordingly, increase staff at the border.

Delo.ua addressed to the co-owner and General Director of the Latvian company “Norma-A”, in the structure of which recently included a bus carrier “Autolux”, Andris Podgornaya and asked, what is the current situation on the borders, problems with sending of passengers to Russia, and also why you need to understand how the bus stations of Ukraine.

How is the schedule of departure and arrival of buses in international transport?

In our permissions to set item state border crossing, the time at which we should arrive and depart. This company is the schedule of the plying of buses departure and arriving. Usually the problems arise from the fact that both the Ukrainian and Polish side issued the order to cross the border at a certain time, but neither one nor the other side are not. Accordingly, the carrier receives the delay at the border and, as a consequence, the delay on arrival at final destination.

Why buses at the border delay?

The boundary and customs as the government Agency do not perform their functions. We have in the documents indicated that the time for passing passenger bus border is one hour. Today the buses at the border can stand 5-6 hours, the record is 18 hours. It is only on the border with Poland, in particular, on the automobile checkpoint “Zosin — ustilug” (Volyn region) and “Dorohusk — Yagodyn” (Volyn region).

Visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU entered into force on 11 June 2017. Because of this, the EU went to more people, respectively, increased the number of buses. Ideally, there should be an increased number of workers on the border — border guards and customs officers. It was possible to open several border crossing points, but this had to be taken care of before.

We went to the Polish and the Ukrainian state authorities. So far no result. This is a joint problem and is, as border crossings is “bow”, each blames the other: the border guards to customs and Vice versa.

Because of this, you lost a passenger?

Not yet, but this problem is discomfort for people. In addition, passengers to send us their complaints, although we have nothing to do with it. The fact is that the hotline of the immigration service “not alive”.

You said earlier that in connection with the introduction of bezveza the company will increase passenger traffic in the EU by 30%. This has been achieved?

Yes, even more.

We’ve recently opened the route to Prague. Even opened routes in Lodz, Poznan and Szczecin. In a month we’ll go to wrocÅ‚aw. You need to understand that if we introduce the route to wrocÅ‚aw, then this means that we will go to Wroclaw and from Uman, Ternopol, Khmelnitsky, Kharkiv, etc. We dock as the ECOLINES routes and routes “Autolux”. Accordingly, if you receive ECOLINES route, the same appears and “Autolux”.

Perhaps we will increase the number of routes to display day and evening buses. This may be the direction to kraków, Katowice and wrocław.

You don’t have a problem with sending of bus in the Russian Federation?

No problem in the aspect of time passing the border. But there are problems with extra checks and bus stops on the way. It does not occur spontaneously, but it can occur in the control points of the Russian Federation, if the Russian migration service is on the bus route. And, for example, on the post where the bus can stop only the traffic police, the migration service may request the passenger to make additional migration cards and other documents.

Diminished if the passenger flow in this direction?

It increased 2 times.

Now in the Ministry of Infrastructure to discuss the resolution of the CMU “On amendments to the Order of carrying out competition on transportation of passengers on bus routes of General use”. In your opinion, is this document needed?

The Ministry of infrastructure is trying to regulate the market, but you need to regulate not only the conduct of the competition, but everything else: the interaction of the Transporter with the station, e-ticket, do I need a ticket as such or it can be in electronic form in the phone.

In Ukraine, some officials do not understand these problems, particularly with electronic tickets. They believe that a printed paper — ticket, but if the same ticket on the phone on a mobile app, it is not a ticket.

But in “Ukrzaliznytsya” introduced the electronic ticket.

Yes, while it would enter the bus and not entered. Uz — state authority, bus transportation — non-public. If officials do not understand, why introduce an electronic ticket for buses, or there are people who lobby the interests of those who benefit from paper tickets, the process is stopped. All this complicates the lives of passengers. You can’t use two minutes before the bus departure time and show the e-ticket you need to print and stand in line.

You said that one of the problems to be solved, is the interaction of the Transporter with the station.

You need to understand how to operate the bus stations in Ukraine, whether the carrier to stop at the station, on what basis. Need to resolve the issue of competition between stations and between carriers. For example, if the city has only one bus terminal, this creates a monopoly.

Do I understand correctly that certain rules of the carrier station is not?

Yes, that’s right. By and large, stations dictate their own terms. This means that you have not defined how much the carrier pays for the check in to the bus station. And if in the cities there is competition between bus stations in small towns bus stations — monopoly.

Why, in your opinion, has not earned the bus station at Teremky in Kiev?

It’s a question of market. In Kiev there are a lot of bus stations and carriers have not chosen the bus station at Teremky. This is for a lot of reasons: location, accessibility, the ability for the bus to drive up there to enter, the cost of check-in, etc.

Why did you move from the Central bus station on vidubichi?

There is a combination of all factors. One of the main factors — the bus station Vydubychi not allowed illegal operators, which in Ukraine is much more than legal.