Trump once again called on lawmakers to end the legacy of Obamacare

The President expressed the support of the congressmen and senators working on tax reform

Donald trump called on U.S. lawmakers to reduce the basic tax rate for the wealthiest Americans and put an end to Obamacare – mandatory individual health insurance, despite the fact that he praised the work of the Republicans, controlling both houses of Congress over tax reform.

Members of the house of representatives and the Senate discussed their plans this week, before heading home to celebrate Thanksgiving

Republicans seeking the review of the internal revenue code. If this happens, then President of the trump will win the first major legislative victory. Both chambers hope in time to resolve their differences to pass a bill before year’s end.

“I’m proud of the Republicans in the House of representatives and the Senate, leading the hard work on lowering taxes. We are approaching the finish line,” wrote Donald trump on Twitter.

The President has repeatedly insisted that the bill is about tax reform should include the abolition of compulsory insurance, the obligation to purchase such, or to pay a fine. However, neither the bill of the house of representatives nor the Senate bill contains no such provisions.