Trump is in the Philippines to attend the ASEAN summit

On the day of arrival of the President of the United States to Manila in the Philippine capital held anti-American demonstration

The US President Donald trump on Sunday arrived in Manila to participate in the summits with the leaders of Southeast Asia who look forward to this meeting, but have some suspicions.

The presidential plane arrived in Manila shortly before 18 o’clock local time, after about 3,500 Filipino demonstrators tried to March to the U.S. Embassy. The protesters demanded that trump left, and accused the US government in the pursuit of waging wars abroad. Recall that the Philippines is about 50 years were depending on US.

“We know that America wages war around the world, in all third world countries, where they are trying to penetrate – said the participant of the action – 23-year-old Christine Gabardo. American imperialism only brings war and destruction.”

One of the posters read: “dump trump – terrorist number one!”

One of the organizers of the protest became a small political party of the left. Thousands of employees of riot police blocked the protesters way to the Embassy or places where there should be a trump, which will take part in the summits of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

“The Philippine government simply does not serve the people of the Philippines, said Cabardo. – Even the soldiers and the Philippine national police are not here to serve and protect. They serve and protect the status quo, the United regime the United States and Duterte, the puppet regime of this government.”

Vietnam: visit trump a powerful impetus to bilateral relations

Before heading to Manila, trump has met in Hanoi with President of Vietnam Tran Dai Quang the. Speaking at a joint press conference after the meeting, trump said: “To trade work, all countries must play by the rules. I am encouraged that Vietnam has recently become the fastest growing export market in the United States. Mr. President, I applaud your efforts to implement economic reforms and increased trade and investment with Vietnam in all areas. U.S. enthusiasm for reforms that promote economic prosperity for all Vietnamese citizens.”

“We just had a great discussion about coming to Vietnam American goods and services, he added. Is a two – way street. I am sure that the us energy, agriculture, financial services, aviation, digital trade and defense products to meet all your commercial needs. Not only to ensure that what we produce is better than can offer others.”

“We are open, and you open, all of which should be aligned, said trump General Secretary of the Communist party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu trong in Hanoi. – To reflect on where we are and where we come from, is to pay tribute to both countries. Trade became a very important element of our relations.”

Quang described the meeting with trump as fruitful. “State visit of President of Vietnam is an important milestone in the Vietnam-us relations, he said, is creating a powerful impetus for meaningful, effective and stable development of bilateral comprehensive partnership”.

North Korea

Trump and Quang also discussed North Korea and the situation in the South China sea.

Trump reiterated that North Korea represents a major threat to peace and stability in the region.

“As I said in my speech in the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, all responsible countries must take action to the North Korean regime a rogue ceased to threaten the world with unimaginable loss of life. Security is a goal to which we can aspire, and not a provocation. I mean that to provoke us, provoke world. We do not want. We want stability, not chaos, we want peace, not war,” – said the American leader.

Earlier on Sunday, trump via Twitter said the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Ynu, who recently called the President of the United States “senile old”.

Trump, who often calls North Korean leader “Little rocket man”, wrote: “Why is Kim Jong-UN insults me, calling me “old”, while I never call him “fat Shorty”? I’m trying so hard to befriend him, and maybe one day it will happen!”

At the meeting with Quang trump also offered his services as mediator in the disputes in the South China sea. When asked about the proposal at a press conference, Quang said that Vietnam is committed to peaceful resolution of the conflict through negotiations in accordance with international law.


Trump arrived in Hanoi from the Vietnamese city of da Nang, where he took part in the annual summit of the Asia-Pacific economic cooperation.

On the way to Hanoi trump told the accompanying reporters that he discussed with the leaders of APEC bilateral relations, which, according to him, has led to a disadvantage for U.S. imbalances in trade.

“It’s a shame. And I don’t blame any of these countries. I blame the people who we represented, who did not know what they are doing, because they weren’t supposed to happen”, – he said.

At the closing session of the APEC summit, representatives of 21 countries that are members of this forum adopted a statement in which he supported free trade and closer regional ties. The document does not mention the doctrine of trump’s “America first”.

In Manila trump joined the 17 other heads of state for discussions that are expected to affect North Korea, the South China sea and terrorism, as he is seen in the context of Southeast Asia. Many hope that trump will offer a more solid connection with the region in trade and security, but I doubt he’s going to talk about any of the expected results of this cooperation at the summit.