The USA published video of the appearance of three aircraft carriers off the Korean coast

MOSCOW, 14 Nov — RIA Novosti. Three us aircraft carrier entered the operating area South Korea to participate in joint exercises. The video, which shows joint exercises posted on the channel of the U.S. Navy on YouTube.

As reported by Yonhap news Agency, Seoul holds first military exercises with three aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan”, “Nimitz” and “Theodore Roosevelt”. Military ships escorted more than ten ships, including two destroyers, Sejong the Great, the Seoae Yu Seong-ryong.

“Naval forces of South Korea and the United States maintain a perfect defensive stance for the conduct of joint operations at any time and in any place. With our strong Alliance we will be able to resist the provocations of the enemy,” — reports the words of the captain of the destroyer Sejong the Great Lee Ku Sona.

The Agency also reported that the exercises with three aircraft carriers — very unusual. The last time such exercise was conducted ten years ago by the waters of GUAM in the Pacific ocean.

Earlier, Russia and China offered the DPRK to declare a moratorium on nuclear tests and missile launches, and South Korea and the United States to refrain from conducting exercises in the region to stabilize the situation on the Peninsula, but in Washington, this initiative was ignored.