The suspect in the murder of the owner of Nautilus agreed to the extension of the arrest

STOCKHOLM, Nov 14 – RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Bozhko. The owner of the submarine Nautilus Peter Madsen, a suspect in the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, agreed to extend his arrest until 13 December, reports the Danish newspaper Extra Bladet with reference to the lawyer.

Madsen – known Danish inventor, whose name in recent months, is mentioned in connection with the death of Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, who disappeared in August after a swim they built the submarine Nautilus. Madsen is suspected of indecent treatment of a body of Valle, including of a sexual nature, and in the intentional or unintentional killing of a Swedish journalist who planned to write an article about it.

“I told the Prosecutor this morning that my client agree to a voluntary extension (arrest). In a situation when no new important facts, which would speak about something else, we decided to extend the period voluntarily. Let’s see what will be the situation in December,” — said the newspaper Extra Bladet, lawyer of the arrested Betina Hald, Engmark.

Madsen is under arrest since August, the last time his arrest was extended until November 15. It is planned that the court in the case of the inventor will begin March 8 and will end on 25 April 2018.

Kim Vallee disappeared after swimming with Madsen on they built the submarine Nautilus on August 10 in the evening. First, the inventor claims that landed the journalist ashore the same evening. He later changed his testimony, saying that the journalist was killed after an accident on Board a submarine. On her head, according to the inventor, supposedly dropped a heavy manhole cover weighing 70 kg, when Valle was standing under it. The body of the journalist found after a few days of searching, it was dissected without heads and limbs. In early October, the Copenhagen police reported that he found other parts of the body — feet and head of the journalist, and that traces of fracture on the skull there. Police continue to search for the hands of the journalist and still finds it difficult to say what exactly led to its demise.

Madsen continues to insist that the incident was an accident. During one of the last police interrogation Madsen suggested that the journalist could suffer inside the submarine due to carbon monoxide.