The next Subaru WRX STI set of hybrids of the reinvention of the

The next Subaru WRX STI will be a more emissions-friendly model, according to Subaru of Europe sales and marketing manager David Dello Stritto.

Speaking with the web Dutch AutoRAI, Dello Stritto confirmed that the WRX STI 2.5-litre turbocharged boxer engine “simply can not exist in the future.” That engine is likely to be replaced by a plug-in hybrid.

The addition of electric motors opens up several possibilities for the model, including the option of electric drive, rear wheels, or maintenance of the brand’s signature boxer engine as the combustion of the elements of a plug-in hybrid.

The hot hybrid Subaru is not introduced soon, however, with a hiatus in the timeline of the model as the current version of the outputs of the brand, product line, while a hybrid powertrain for the next version is developed.

“It’s going to be really a new WRX STI in the future, but it takes time.” Dello Stritto said. “We’re not going to give up the ‘fun’. The new Impreza offers this fun in a different way, more sensitive, CO2 emissions in a compatible way.”

Although Dello Stritto not explicitly confirm that the next WRX STI would be a hybrid, he said: “Subaru is the attentive look to the evolution of the market and makes your future plan with this information in mind”, alluding to the global campaign for electrification by both the automotive industry and global legislators.

There is No period of time has been given for when the electrified WRX STI will come, but its future aesthetic was marked by the Viziv concept of results of the Tokyo motor show this year. Details of the concept of the power were not disclosed, except that the model featured a boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive.

The new Subaru Global Platform (SGP) of the architecture will be the basis for the future WRX; the modular platform has been designed with hybrids in mind, with a protected space for the batteries and electric motors. An electric Subaru model is scheduled for launch in 2020, although this is probably going to be a more mass-market offering that the niche WRX STI.