The Ministry of youth and sports has responded to the accusation in debt to the sisters Muzychuk

The Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine responded to the accusations in debt to Ukrainian chess players Maria and Anna Muzychuk. As reported by the Deputy Minister Jaroslaw wojtowicz, this information is not true, according to the website of the Ministry of youth and sports.

“Not true information that the Ministry of youth and sports allegedly has a debt to Maria Muzychuk for a match for the title of world Champion in 2016 in chess, which took place in Lviv,” – said wojtowicz.

According to him, the organization and conduct of this match was done by the international chess Federation and authorized by the organizing Committee, which included city hall and the Lviv chess Federation of Ukraine. The prize Fund of this match amounted to EUR 200 thousand, 60% of which went to the winner, HOU Yifan from China, and 40% – Muzychuk.

Regarding the 2015 world Championships in Sochi, in accordance with the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, athlete, and her father, who was her personal trainer, was paid 50 thousand UAH in the proportion 50% to 50%.

Also wojtowicz announced that the Ministry is ready to get out of this situation through dialogue with Muzychuk.

“The Ministry of youth and sports is always open to dialogue with athletes and coaches staff of the Ukrainian national teams in all sports. We invite the team of Maria and Anna Muzychuk for a personal meeting with the leadership of the Department and will be happy to discuss all the current questions”, – said the Deputy Minister.

We will remind, earlier the mother of the chess player, honored coach of Ukraine Natalia muzichuk said that Mariya Muzychuk missed a team championship of Europe because of debts, which have in the Ministry of youth and sports.

“The Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine has a debt to Mary for the match against HOU Yifan, which took place in Lviv”, – she said at a press conference on 9 November.

She also stated that players have to buy tickets for the event at their own expense.