The historian considers the conclusions of the government Commission on “Royal remains” unscientific

Moscow. 13 Nov. INTERFAX – the Purpose of the governmental Commission Vladimir Solovyov have nothing to do with science, and aims to force the Orthodox to recognize the “Ekaterinburg remains,” says well-known historian Pyotr Multatuli.

“That show representatives of the government Commission, V. N. Soloviev and others, totally incompetent, mostly from a historical perspective, but their conclusions are striking and fantastic from the point of view of criminology”, he said in an interview published on the website of the Sretensky monastery.

P. Multatuli believes that the Commission essentially ignored the result of the first investigator Nikolai Sokolov, conducted in 1918, “do not notice” the specific contradictions between his investigation and the work of the government Commission, and during the investigation, Vladimir Solovyov was not undertaken a comprehensive historical examination.

According to the historian, “we can assume that Ganina Pit was delivered large capacity, which took place and the burning fragments, I emphasize body parts”.

He suggested that the first body was dismembered, covered with wood, abundantly watered with gasoline and burned, and what remained from the burning, was exposed to sulfuric acid and dumped either into a swamp or buried in the ground, while the head of the Royal martyrs were separated from the bodies.

Later, according to P. Multatuli, the Bolsheviks sought a way out of political isolation and sought to create a different picture: “killed, Yes, but not mocked, buried, let him not human, but not savagely”.

“The way of the Bolsheviks, who dismembered the bodies, including women and children, then burned them by spraying with sulfuric acid and cutting off the head was so disgusting that they are few who would want to sit at the negotiating table,” he said.

He believes that “now for the liberals is very important to achieve in any way the recognition of the remains of the king and “cover up” the Russian Orthodox Church.”

“It seems that their goals have nothing to do with science, but intended to in any way force us Orthodox to recognize the Yekaterinburg remains,” he concluded.