The defense Ministry is concerned about the growth of ISIS in Afghanistan

PYANJ (TAJIKISTAN), 14 Nov — RIA Novosti. The defense Ministry is concerned about the situation in Afghanistan, where the most rapidly growing population groups “Islamic state”*, said the commander of the Central military district Vladimir Zarucnicki during the opening ceremony of the exercises of CSTO Collective forces in Tajikistan, dedicated to the development of joint actions on liquidation of illegal armed formations in the mountains.

The exercises are in the immediate vicinity of the border of Afghanistan in five ranges the armed forces of Tajikistan. Participate in the divisions and military units of all countries that are members of the CSTO: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. All maneuvers is expected to involve more than 5 thousand troops, 60 aircraft and helicopters, more than 1.5 thousand units of weapons, military and special equipment, including missile complexes “Iskander”, the aircraft long-range and tactical aviation, drones.

“Talking about the end of the struggle with international terrorism in the Middle East is premature. Particularly alarming is the situation in Afghanistan, where the growth in the number of units LIH* we value as the most dynamic,” said Zarucnicki.

According to him, the need to exercise due to the military-political situation in Central Asian region, “especially in the context of migration of militants of the so-called “Islamic state”*, is extruded from Syria and Iraq”.

As pointed out by Zarucnicki implemented by the leaders of the groups strategy threatens the security of Afghanistan and the neighboring countries.

“These and other factors formed the basis of the intent of our exercises,” he said.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia