Student to face court after a “dark web” bust

The 24-year-old was arrested at the University of Sydney residence at Camperdown, Friday. understands that officers from Newtown Local Command pounced upon him, after having received the package in the mail.

It is believed that the man intended to sell the drug to other students.

The dark web is a network of lost track of online activities and web sites on the internet. The pages can’t be found via search engines, and users have the need of a specific software, configurations, or access permission.

The student, who is understood to live in the residence, was charged with three counts of supplying a prohibited drug and possessing a prohibited drug, possess/attempt to possess a restricted drug and possession of a replica firearm.

The police seized a little more than 21g of Xanax and LSD, and 15.8 g of MDMA, 14.9 g of cannabis and a replica of a gun.

The arrested man would face the court on November 28.

A police spokesman said officers used a variety of tactics to “monitor and detect the sale of prohibited drugs”, but does not comment in particular on the monitoring of the dark web.

“Investigations continue,” he said.

The university of Sydney spokesman said staff were of assistance to the police“ with their investigation into the activities of a student.”

“It is premature to discuss the details of this particular case, as it is part of an ongoing police investigation. However, any student found guilty of misconduct is subject to University disciplinary proceedings with the potential for suspension or expulsion.”

The arrest comes after the Daily Telegraph revealed a number of dark web drug sites was shut down recently, probably by hackers that may be trying to extort money from the owners of the site.

Dark web expert Dr James Martin told the Telegraph has found 150 Australian drug dealers by a thousand offers in just one month last year.

The majority of dark web purchases by Australians were small purchases of cannabis and MDMA, he said.

— Additional reporting: Nick Hansen

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