Metropolitan Hilarion sees it insults the feelings of atheists calls to bury Lenin

Moscow. 13 Nov. INTERFAX – Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk believes that atheists have their own shrines, such as Lenin’s mausoleum, but the call to bury the body of the leader of the revolution is not an insult to the feelings of atheists.

“If you appeal to Lenin to be buried, I don’t think it is an insult to the feelings of atheists. But if I went with the Molotov cocktails and began to throw them in the mausoleum or have made some kind of abuse lying there body, it would be an insult to the feelings of atheists,” said the Hierarch in the program “Church and world” on TV channel “Russia-24” (VGTRK).

He noted that actions aimed at insulting the feelings of atheists, as wrongful as acts that offend believers, and tried to figure out what can be considered an insult.

“I do not think that the publication of atheist literature is an insult of feelings of believers. Or, for example, a person declares that he does not believe in God, – this in itself is not an insult of feelings of believers. But if he is encroaching on the Shrine, if he writes obscene words on the walls of the temple, if he commit acts of vandalism, if that makes a different kind of blasphemous action if calls for some aggressive actions on the Internet, then his actions could be interpreted as inciting hatred or causing insult to the believers,” – said the Hierarch.

According to Metropolitan, the same may apply to the disbelievers: “If we produce religious literature – by itself, this is not an insult to the feelings of unbelievers. If we have temples, if we go with sacred processions, if we appear on TV – this is not an insult to the feelings of unbelievers.”

The representative of the Church believes that if “we will be offensive to speak to a particular person or a particular community of people, if we will be very imprudent to use their language or their hands, I think that such actions can also fall under the scope of the law.”