Israel has deployed ABOUT after threats by Palestinian militants

TEL AVIV, Nov 13 – RIA Novosti. The Israeli military deployed a missile battery in the densely populated Central part of the country, accusing Palestinian militants in the preparation of the retaliation for the deaths of dozens of supporters.

The Israelis fear that the group “Islamic Jihad*”, which are armed with thousands of rockets in Gaza, will try to avenge the destruction of the underground tunnel, which two weeks ago killed 12 Palestinians.

“It really is. They are placed in the center of the country”, — told RIA Novosti employee of the press service of the army, confirmed to local media about the deployment of missile defense systems “Iron dome.”

Earlier, the military warned that any attack by the “Islamic Jihad*”, which they accused of having ties with Iran and Syria, will receive a “tough and decisive” response.

*Banned terrorist organisation