In Kiev on the go car caught fire

Monday, November 13, in Kiev at the Congress with the Paton bridge on the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples on the move ignited the Hyundai Tucson.

It is reported in Facebook.

It is noted that the driver was able to stop the car in the right lane and out of it.

The fire burned the engine compartment. According to eyewitnesses, the car can not be restored. It is also known that the vehicle is fitted with LPG.

To a scene there arrived fighters of gschs which foam extinguished the fire, and medics.

According to preliminary information, the incident no one was hurt.

Recall, November 6, in Kiev on the street Academician Zabolotny middle of the road broke out of the car. Two rescue teams were trying to extinguish the car, but it burned to the ground.