How to become a YouTube star — tips of the head of the network AIR Sergey Belousov

Exactly how your company helps the help?First and foremost, we strive to find talent — people who know how to make good videos for YouTube. Our help is to find a person and help him to answer a series of questions that he faces. For example, how to shoot video, how to download it how to give it the correct description when it’s best to spread, what is the procedure for uploading videos to the platform… that’s basic stuff. Late starts next level — collaboration. Then the next level etc. Is it hard to become a works?To shoot video you can everything. For example, how are you doing lessons or practicing Aikido. If you have a camera phone, you can become new, that is a man who knows how to tell interesting. If you have a desire — do not wait for some inspiration. First, your video may not be very good, but you share them with classmates, friends, parents. Your first audience Express their opinions, asked to remove more and more. And so begins videobloggers. We are not to stop to develop further and further.

What are the basic rules of publishing videos on YouTube?You are the Creator, first and foremost, your content must be unique and interesting. Make a schedule of your publications on YouTube, evaluate your target audience: who you talking to, what you want to convey. Draw a cover that will attract attention and make people click on it your video, think of a catchy, intriguing title, do no less catchy description, don’t forget about relevant tags to your videos. And a lot of other nuances, which, by the way, we tell budding and established bloggers on courses at our Academy of videoblogging. It happens so that you offer help and people refuse?Today often the opposite is true — people come and ask for help in development. We provide our affiliates with such assistance, and if necessary — an important tool of protection against piracy “Content ID”. It is a system that allows you to control all copies of the content on YouTube. Before this much needed large content makers film studios, music labels, now they actively joined the bloggers, because they produce popular content. You have competitors?Competition is the best it can be. If we had no competitors, the company AIR may never come. The competition gives impetus to the development of quality services. We are constantly thinking on new features, chips, improvements. I believe that we largely succeeded. What should be the channel you will undertake to promote?There is a General rule for all channels is the presence of 300 subscribers and 10K views in General on the channel. But if we come to an author who can really make good content, we connect it immediately, regardless of the number of subscribers and views. Why?Because it is important to us the creators of content. If one wants to develop, we see it and we support it. The more help, the more the market and, as a consequence, increased competition and the improvement of the total mass content. Users believe that the Internet should be free, available and free. How do you feel about that?All work must be well paid, so the question of cost always arises. Look what Google did — it provided an opportunity for the free use of information. But due to the huge number of users it earns from advertising, and it allows to maintain a large staff of employees.

How do you protect children from inappropriate video on YouTube?The question I have addressed to the parents. In YouTube there is a differentiation by age and notice that the video belongs to the category of 18+. Parents need to set those settings in which the child will not be able to watch videos that do not match his age. What you loved doing as a child? Who would you like to be?As a child I loved to organize everything. Many things were carried away. But a clear vision of yourself in the future. You know how to dream?I recently realized that I have turned those desires of which I have not even dreamed of. For example, I have an amazing wife, wonderful family, true friends and a great team in the company. Despite the fact that I’m an adult, in the shower still a child, constantly learning and are curious. Do you do charity work?Charity should be charity, not for titles or fame, but for real cases. Of course, we help those who really needs help. But we do it selectively and after a serious check. Unfortunately, the topic of philanthropy today, many speculate, therefore, before something to make, we conduct a serious analysis of the situation. If you were searching, what would be the video shot?I don’t know. Thoughts often have different ideas, but physically to implement them is not enough time. Once I had the idea to make a video about our social services — you come to the housing office and think: “now just take off”. But our laws limit the ability of free shooting in some situations. Although, in my opinion, if he could legally shoot videos in all official and public institutions, the General situation could improve. How is it possible to combine study at school or College and shooting video?You ask a very valid question. I believe that we need to do our business and do not have to be new. But if you are willing to share their knowledge or skills, to tell something interesting on the Internet, show your talent — time will be able to find. Interviews conducted in the framework of the project “Завтра_2037”, where talented children of Ukraine share their incredible inventions and achievements. 3 December 2017 in the river you will hear a concentrate of insight for marketers, HR professionals, progressive teachers, parents, and anyone who actively thinks about tomorrow. And all this — from futurists, visionaries of the future — today’s teenagers.