Children need to know about measures of sexual security, said Metropolitan Hilarion

Moscow. 13 Nov. INTERFAX – Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk spoke in support of lessons of sex education in schools, stressing however that they should be “chaste”.

“Perhaps many of our viewers, the Orthodox expect from me that I say that the Church is strictly against sex education lessons I can’t say because it all depends on how they are conducted, by whom they are conducted”, – said the Hierarch in the program “Church and world” on TV channel “Russia-24” (VGTRK).

He complained that these lessons often become, in fact, a corruption of schoolchildren and young people, “and against these lessons, the Church will be”.

“But at the same time, I think incorrect the situation when children do not know the basic things concerning so-called sexual safety, and when they do not observe those precautions that enable them, for example, not to get AIDS or not to pick up any infection and sexually transmitted disease,” said the Metropolitan.

He stressed that in this respect, some educational and preventive work is needed, “but it is very important that it was conducted soberly, it is important that the parents knew about this work.”

Metropolitan Hilarion also encourages parents to seize the opportunity and to speak with children about sexual issues, rather than waiting until the child receives this information in other places.

In early November, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that “the Ministry of education scandal associated with the online lesson on HIV prevention for students”. According to the publication, “implementing the Internet project refused to comply with the requirements of officials in advance to agree on the answers to users’ questions, and recommendations “to talk about morality in order to escape the slippery” and avoid words like “condom”.

For its part, the Ministry of education stated that online lesson on the prevention of HIV infection November 30 would not be focused on the problems of morality to the detriment of preventive measures. “The statement of representatives of the contractor that they were encouraged “to talk about the problems of morality” instead of prevention, is untrue,” – said the press service of the Ministry. Thus in the Ministry of education stressed that the project conduct an online lesson will be necessarily coordinated with the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.