A fan in nothing but a towel went out to watch match of the championship of Ukraine

Prolific match, which took place at the stadium Spartak in Odessa ended with the victory of Pearls – 4:3. However, the feature of the meeting was not a parade of goals as fans in the towel.

One of the stands of the Spartak houses the sauna with the name of the hero. Visitors institutions were able to go outside after the sauna, to watch the match from almost the edge of the field.

One such attendant came out into the fresh air in a towel and hit the frame, becoming a hit on the network.

Regular match of the first League of Ukraine. “Pearl” (Odessa) 4:3 “Volyn” (Lutsk). pic.twitter.com/gKzo9r2P7B— SE Football (@football_se) 12 Nov 2017

Note that the Pearl occupies the 13th place in the First League table with 21 points, the region is in 15th with 18 points.

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