In Warsaw detained 45 people opposed the “March of independence”

Warsaw police have detained 45 people who were protesting the route of the “March of independence” nationalists, reports “UKRINFORM”.

According to information we are talking about members of the liberal movement “Citizens of Poland”, which opposed the March of the nationalists during their movement towards the National stadium. It is known that all the detainees were taken to one of the sections of the police, but no charges were filed.

Note that according to the police, in the “March of independence” was attended by about 60 thousand people.

We will remind that on Saturday, November 11, in Warsaw started the annual March of independence. This year the March is held under the slogan “We want God.” It was reported that in March attended by tens of thousands of people with nationalist views.

The March of independence held in Poland each year on the occasion of the independence Day of the country. It is noted that in previous years during the March of independence happened different years of provocation, in particular contractions of the marchers with the police and opponents of the demonstrations. Last year on the March burned the Ukrainian flag.