In Poland for violation of the legislation on the stay in the country detained 17 Ukrainians

Polish border guards detained in the Opole Voivodeship 17 citizens of Ukraine, who have violated the rules of stay in the country, and also labour legislation. This was reported by “Polish radio” with reference to the information of captain Katarzyna Walczak of the Silesian branch of the Border service.

According to her, the arrest took place during joint actions of the border guards and the state Inspectorate of labor. It was established that the stay of Ukrainians in Poland is contrary to declared at the time of applying for a visa at the consulates of the time. In this regard, the commandant of the Border service in Opole issued 16 citizens of Ukraine the decision on compulsory return.

Another Ukrainian was caught in “illegal work”. He had no work permit and statement from the employer about the intention to entrust him with the execution of the work. According to the court, the citizen must pay a fine and to leave Poland.

As reported, on 1 November in Poland Ukrainians inflicted 4 stab wounds, with the result that he died. He sustained four blows to the stomach. The police arrested four suspects, all of them citizens of Ukraine aged from 25 to 40 years.