In Kiev, detained a car with explosives

Metropolitan police detained the men, whose car trunk was Packed with explosives. On Sunday, November 12, reported the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs on the page in social network Facebook.

So, the suspicious car was noticed in the Parking lot of a shopping centre in Darnitsa district. In the cabin Volkswagen was two people.

“During the inspection of the vehicle, the police found in the trunk of the backpack, which was five briquettes of plastic with a total weight of 6.5 kg and 10 electric detonators. The explosives were ready to use”, – said the interior Ministry.

Militiamen detained the men, who were in the car.

At the scene working explosives and the investigative team of the district police.

“They probably have accomplices. Investigative team conducts documentation and establishes all circumstances of incident”, – said in the message.

By order of the head of the Metropolitan police Andrey Krishchenko walking and driving patrols are translated into high alert. They heavily patrol the railway stations, metro stations and places of mass stay of people. Working out also attracted 200 national guardsmen.